Mi., 03. Feb. | Sparrow Live

Pipes Alive! featuring Rebecca E

The theme: a tour of the pipe organ: I'd play a couple better-known and a couple lesser-known works interspersed with brief commentary (~40mins of music + commentary = ~1hr total) and the target audience would be non-musicians and musicians who aren't very familiar with the organ; est. draw
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03. Feb., 19:00 – 23:00 GMT-5
Sparrow Live

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Rogue Emojiis a work for mixed quartet structured as a series of six miniatures which flow together with minimal pause to form a single 15-minute trajectory, with mercurial changes between the movements. Each movement has its own texture and emotion. This work is anexploration of order versus control and the embrace of chaos. The first movement introduces repeating patterns in vivid colors that are continuously warped, morphed, and interrupted, leading to a central arrival and erosion. The second movement is a melodrama; its lamenting melody is developed and expanded through coloristic interplay between the instruments. The third movement is a quick mixed-meter dance embodying pure visceral energy. The instruments (including the penetrating E-flat Clarinet) are paired in duets which respond to one another antiphonally, riffing obsessively on the movement’s opening theme. The fourth movement is a meditation comprising solos that grow into cadenzas which showcase the individual instruments alone, spotlighting the alto flute and the bass clarinet. With the introduction of the piccolo in the fifth movement, the four individual voices are layered in a lyrical colloquy, each intoning separately in their own world. The sixth and final movement begins with an unrelenting ostinato that is hijacked by a fugue which falls apart, surrendering to a reprise of the first movement’s energy. What was previously interrupted is now allowed to fulfill itself.

The piece ends with an expression of affirmation and togetherness: A celebrationof finding one’s individual strength (and the ensemble’s collective resonance) out of chaos.Rogue Emoji was commissioned for Boston’s Hub New Music in 2019 by Ashmont Hill Chamber Music, with support for the Cricket Foundation.—Kati AgócsBlack Anemonesis Joseph Schwantner’s own transcription (1991) of the second song from his Two Poems of Agueda Pizarro, written for soprano Lucy Shelton and recorded famously by soprano Dawn Upshaw. The piece has become a favorite of flutists. Pizarro is a surrealistColumbian-American poet. The narrator of the poem is a child addressing its mother, but surprisingly speaks not of intimacy but of estrangement and fear.

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