Frequently asked questions

Why Sparrow Live? Why not do it on my own or with a different service?

Sparrow Live is the only streaming solution designed specifically for all classical artists - regardless of audience, or “footprint” in the “industry”. We connect audiences and artists through a community of classical music lovers, meaning that unlike any other platform that we have access to and agency over, our audiences and artists are able to discover each other. On Sparrow Live, you're able to host an incredible livestream experience (look, feel, sound) that in all aspects reflects the incredible quality of your artistry, with expert support. You are and will be valued as you deserve, in a way that reflects the investment of time and finance that you pour into your artistry. You decide your value - no longer will you need to appeal to an audience mid performance for donations. Your art and your performance regain what has been lost by the sudden move to the virtual space; dignity, a reflective atmosphere, and the ability to perform uninterrupted.

What is the current process for hosting a concert (both streamed and live) on Sparrow Live?

Hosting a concert on Sparrow Live is easy! You will need to fill out the concert listing form, providing all relevant information for setting up an event on Sparrow Live. If this is your first time hosting a performance on Sparrow Live, we will contact you in order to run a test of your equipment and make sure that it meets our minimum quality guidelines. After the successful test we will create the event for you and begin selling tickets and marketing your event via the platform. We handle all “front of house” for your streamed performance. All you have to worry about is connecting your equipment to the video feed using a streaming encoder and the stream key we provide you (we will help walk you through this process) and we will man the controls to put you live at the correct time. You play your concert like you would in any other venue. Following the concert, payment will be issued to you, minus Sparrow Live’s commission.

What does it cost to host a concert on Sparrow Live?

Sparrow Live charges a 12.5% commission for performances with less than four performers, and 15% for companies, ensembles, and groups with four or more performers. The minimum commission per concert is $100. The commission is based on net revenue after the conclusion of the performance. There is no cost up-front.

How much do tickets cost on Sparrow Live?

You can set your own ticket price on Sparrow Live; however, for concerts that will be over 30 minutes in length we suggest a minimum ticket price of $15. This is intentional to support a sustainable model and to set a value threshold for all artists.

What equipment do I need to stream on Sparrow Live?

Sparrow Live is built with an expectation of quality, not only for our audience, but for our performers. While there is an expectation that our artists will conform to a minimum standard of quality ( check out this post for more guidance) this should not be prohibitive, and we have intentionally curated equipment packages that should recoup their cost after one or two concerts with Sparrow Live. You will need to download OBS, a free, easy to use, streaming encoder software, in order to set up your video feed and link to our platform.

How long will my concert be available on Sparrow Live once the performance has ended?

Streaming invites a worldwide audience into your performance, and we’re committed to Sparrow Live concerts being readily available for your whole audience, at the time of the day that they are able to watch in their time zone. Therefore, the private link to watch your performance will stay active for a period of 24 hours. After the 24 hour period you have the choice to move your concert into our archives - where you will be able to earn a passive income stream by allowing for on-demand streaming of your work.

What are the plans for the future of Sparrow Live? Will you still be around after the COVID-19 Pandemic is behind us?

The vision of and growth plan for Sparrow Live is still very much in phase one, and we plan to grow with you and allow for you to reach and expand your entire audience (regardless of geography) for long after the pandemic is under control and we are able to gather with live audiences again. We already have the capability of selling tickets to live, in person events - and look forward to being able to use that feature soon. We plan on investing in premier streaming equipment that you can rent and utilize for your performances, along with a network of sound and video engineers that you can work with to deliver the best possible quality to your virtual audience. We plan on programs designed to help you deliver better performances, plan programs in different ways, and connect with new audiences and new companies like never before. Sparrow Live’s mission is to democratize access to the arts by connecting artists with their audiences through high quality experiences. Sparrow Live’s vision is a barrier-free relationship of equals between artists and audiences. Every decision that we make must align with this mission and vision - every decision that we make and every step that we take will be done with the goal of strengthening artists, and helping them to get the value that they deserve while planning transformational programming.

Will Sparrow Live take into account the suggestions of artists and audience members?

Absolutely! We are committed to Sparrow Live being a platform that works for all artists, and their audiences. We want to hear your thoughts. Without your input, it will be impossible to have this be a site that is beneficial to all.

What is Sparrow Live?

Sparrow Live is a pay-per-view live streaming site that enables virtual ticketing, specifically tailored to classical performance. We handle the live stream logistics, ticketing, and customer service aspect so that artists are free to focus on performing again. Sparrow Live is built for classical music enthusiasts and is designed to enable discovery and exploration of Sparrow Live artists and engage with them like never before. The Sparrow Live Artist Forum is a resource for performers to gain insight from fellow artists, ask questions, and get feedback.